Educational Gardens

Finally ~ a nice evening for painting.
I spent the evening painting with a friend who had never painted before. That was fun, and she really enjoyed it. She is even carrying her sketchbook around with her everywhere she goes.

My class schedule is light this week. July is always very busy, and I hate to see it wind down. I like the structure of it, but I certainly couldn't keep it up all year. Now I have time to notice what a terrible mess the house is. Every surface is covered with watercolor paper, sketchbooks, palettes, books . . . .

I am afraid of slowing down and diminishing the creative impulses, but maybe my next creative thing should be to figure out how to make the piano look like it really does belong in the kitchen. Is that even possible?!


Gwendolyn said...

I have a similar piano challenge. If you succeed, post a photo!

LOVE your garden paintings!

Marj said...

Do a contour drawing of it...or just sketchbook & watercolor it, then you won't feel guilty!
There's a "lesson" in there somewhere.
Is it procrastination? There are a few of us :-)
Looking forward to doing the gardens and lakeshores.