I love gerberas!
Don't gerbera daisies look like something someone made up? Maybe a seven year old? I love 'em.

We woke up to lots of snow this morning. Not a pretty sight. And the Bay is just as white and frozen looking as it was in mid-winter.

I just realized that I never finished the alphabet squares! I still have "Z" to do. I knew from the beginning what I was going to draw for it too - so what's my problem!?


ann said...

My heart goes out to you & the weather you are patiently enduring! Spring can't be too far away -
I am in Green Valley, AZ - will send some warm sun beams to you.
Am so enjoying your work!

Marj said...

Those Gerberas are so pretty--love your color-scheme. OK, now we're waiting for "Z"