L is for . . .

"L" is for lamp.
A colorful little lamp base that really isn't crooked in "real life"

This what what the whole page looks like - "A" through "L".
This is kind of exciting - getting the first page of these drawings finished. I like the way it looks. Could I sustain this for - you know - a long time? I know other people do. The internet is full of them. Look at all the "Painting A Day" people there are out there. This is a two-inch square for heaven's sake. Well, we each have our own level of ambition, desire, drive, sustainability, need. . . . whatever.

Actually, the drawings take much less time to do, than it takes to do the blog.

I've been considering going on a media fast. A friend suggested that I blog about it - that people might be interested in it, but then she realized if my readers (yes - there are a few) liked the idea, they wouldn't be reading my blog anymore. AND if I went on a media fast, wouldn't that mean I couldn't write it anymore? So - that's not going to work. I have to finish the alphabet and show the whole world (!?) that I did it.

How are you doing with your little squares?

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Anonymous said...

My squares are rectangles and cutesy. I like them though and really look forward to doing them. Instant, well more like 5 minutes gratification. What do we do next? I don't want to stop. Karen