More Triads

This is a page in my sketchbook (Aquarius II paper) comparing three triads.
When I use a triad to do a painting, I am just using three colors which are a variation of the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue.

For the top sketch, I used cobalt violet (as my red), hansa yellow, and manganese blue. These are light pigments and will never give you gutsy color. I like to use this combo for shadows sometimes, but they make a pretty wimpy painting.

The middle sketch is done with a stronger, more "serious" triad. The "red" is quinacridone burnt orange, the yellow is quinacridone gold, and for the third color I used prussian blue. This is a rather somber color combination, but I really like how it worked out for this subject. If you notice the color wheels on the right, this combination will never give you purple, so if you need a nice purple, don't use this triad.

The bottom sketch was done using quinacridone rose, new gamboge, and ultramarine blue. This is a good mix for anything - pretty much all purpose. It mixes great purples, nice greens, bright oranges, and mixes into a nice neutral.

Every once in awhile I will paint with triads, just to get back to basics, think about color mixing, and just plain simplify things.

Now if I could just figure out how to "triad" the rest of my life - could that be a verb?


Marj said...

This is a great (yet simple) lesson in color. I will try it in my Aquarius II book. That book is so handy! I also did some "figures" in different poses like you suggested a few posts ago. Good practice for me. (I'm) never too old to learn :-)

Marpia said...

You create the best blog! What a nice mini lesson on triads. You inspire me to try a few of my own. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Was this for the class you taught at the college? You really were well prepared with lot's of great ideas. They won't want their teacher to return. Thank you .

Dana S. Whitney said...

Notice how close "triad" is to "triage." I wonder if my "blues" were always cerulean (instead of PRUSSIAN), they'd feel less intense..... Great post. I know lots of knitters who could use a "color" theory book... are you the one to write it?