Our Inheritance

This is a small, quick sketch of our fairly large mantel clock with a fairly loud chime - and it chimes every fifteen minutes! The clock was my father-in-law's and now lives with us.

Wednesday's watercolor class met today, and everyone was working on some great paintings - landscapes, figures, house portraits, doors and windows . . .

I came across an old painting of a barn that I had done probably 30 years ago. I'd like to try it again and beef up the colors, correct the perspective, and improve the composition. I told the class that I would let them follow along with the re-do of the subject. Every time I try to correct the perspective, it throws off some proportions here and there. I wonder now what the barn really looked like in the first place. I have to come up with something by next Wednesday for class. Of course, if I don't know what it looked like, no one else does either, so anything goes.

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