The Neighborhood Map

This was my creative endeavor today. I helped Middle Granddaughter make a map of her neighborhood for a school assignment. We used watercolor, Pitt Brush Pens, acrylic gold paint, and sand. I really thought we could use a little glitter here and there, but I didn't have any.

What kind of a grandma doesn't have glitter?! I don't think I ever had any glitter in my life, but I have three granddaughters - I really should have some glitter.


Carol C said...

Well, they're not grown yet! You still have time to get glitter. Meanwhile I think you're a pretty great grandma to have and share all those art supplies!

Anonymous said...

Kristen and i are looking forward to seeing your blog every day. This is a fun start. Karen and Kristen

Catherine said...

Thanks Carol - I bought the glitter!

And thanks Karen and Kristen - I hope I don't let you down. Don't get your expectations too high.