Memorial Garden

I did some watercolor sketches and took some photos of this spot on a nice sunny day in the summer, so I had some good reference for this painting.

Now when I look at it, I'm wondering if the foliage needs to come down a little lower in the lower left hand corner, and maybe there should be a few more trees. I'll see what I think about it in the morning. Who knows - maybe the studio fairies will do something with it overnight. Isn't that why things sometimes look different to us in the morning?


Anonymous said...

Painting fairies, where do you get them?
My vote is for the foliage to stay just where it is growing now. You see fairies, I see live plants.
I will miss not having class this week. Karen Nowings.

Anonymous said...

Last time I was in that garden with you there was a little bear up in one of those trees. Maybe that is the touch you need - although I like it how it is! :)

Keep up the blogging! You are doing great!