Watercolor Figures

Little Figures on Parade
These were really fun to do. I did them after watching a Skip Lawrence DVD. They're quite addictive.

Class participants have been especially involved and connected this week with their subjects. I love that! They are each working on a "theme" or series for the entire six weeks. After painting on location all summer, I felt we needed a challenge to keep us going into the colder months - something more stimulating than a still life set up by me.

So . . . maybe after doing these little figures, I can see them being worked into some composition lessons in our next session.


Anonymous said...

I like 'em! I'm going to try and do some, which will be a challenge for me...as people do not come naturally for me. It's something I really have to work on. I LOVE the way your colors are put together... Your drawings inspire me to keep on. Lupus and a dear husband with an ALS-type illness are challenges that can loom large, but ART keeps it all in perspective. BR

Marj said...

What an inspirational message from anonymous...I am doing a small painting for a dear friend with Lupus so she can use it as a gift. I, too, need some practice with figures--as I would like to put them in some of my sketchbook art.
Keep inspiring us, Catherine. Glad you will be doing the daily posting again! Marj. M.

Catherine said...

You are inspiring to all of us, BR. So many of us (ME!) let the smallest things get in the way of doing our art.

To BR and Marj - figures do not come naturally to me either. In fact I am not really crazy about doing them. I think if I keep playing with these they will become more natural and I may even LIKE to do them. I thought they were pretty cute until I watched the Skip Lawrence dvd again and realized I'm pretty far off the mark. Doesn't matter - I'll keep at it.

Marpia said...

The little people are wonderful. It makes me want to watch the DVD and try it. Is it the "Jelly Bean People" video?
Also, I love your blog. It's so fun to read and it's inspiring!