Enjoying the Day

Was this the last nice day of summer?!
I went with a friend yesterday to spend the afternoon painting at one of my favorite places. The weather was perfect - one of the more summer-like days of the season. Or rather - the season that never happened. Oh well. It is September now. Move on.

I love this spot, there are cottages along the lane, arbors, gates, windows peeking through the leaves, sunny doorways, great patterns of roof-lines . . .

My class was going to meet there this morning, but it was cold and raining, so we had to call it off and paint inside. Thanks Karen, for being "Mobile Unit One" and sending people in the right direction!

No classes tomorrow, and I think I will catch up on a few domestic things, such as buying groceries, and going to the farmers' market. Maybe I will dust and run the vacuum. Maybe not.

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