Painting in the Garden

A Garden Vignette
I spent the evening painting with friends - such a relaxing way to spend some time. Karen's garden still looks beautiful.

This was painted in a sketchbook I made using various kinds of paper. The watercolor paper in it is Aquarius II. I put it in this book and then ordered enough to make a whole sketchbook of it. Stupidly (is that a word - spell checker thinks it's okay), I didn't try it out before I ordered ten more sheets of it. After painting on it last night, I decided it was a good move. I really like it. It is only 80 lb, but has a synthetic something in it that keeps it from buckling. It took to blob and smoosh (read the book!) very well, and that's what really counts.

After looking at the painting this morning and realizing that I had goofed up the perspective of the large window, I gave the paper another test - scrubbed off, burnished, and repainted the offending area. The paper held up well to that too.

So when the friends I was painting with read this, they're going to wonder why I was telling them how to redo their perspective when I couldn't even get my own right. Well, girls, that's what friends are for - to give opinions, whether we know what we're talking about or not.


Anonymous said...

How can the painting be more beautiful than the garden? Next year, forget all of the work I put into the garden, I will just install a mural of your painting.

It always comes down to simplicity being on of my favorite things about your paintings.

An all around pleasure, painting with you and enjoying what you have painted. Karen

Marj said...

Looking forward to painting with you in ANY garden. See you on the 18th-21st at BayView. Marj. M.