In the Garden, Early May

Not much color yet.
I moved a few things around in the garden today and planted some perennials that one of my generous students shared with me. She brought me some magenta spiderwort,
a clump of bergenia,
obedience flower,
and roof iris

There is very little color out there right now, but I had to start painting some backyard scenes in my journal - the snow is gone and the grass is green - time to get out there and paint! Actually, I can't say the grass is green. The weeds are green. The moss is green. There is no grass. Last year the grubs ate their way through our little town and not many lawns have recovered. Apparently they can't recover on their own because there are absolutely no roots left. Maybe the moss isn't such a bad idea.

I have a couple more spots left in my Wednesday morning watercolor class starting next Wednesday.

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