View from the Train

Ten minutes from the station and standing still. Again. For a long time.

My painting friend, K, and I decided to take a quick trip to Chicago to the Art Institute to see the Winslow Homer-Edward Hopper exhibition. So we ordered our museum tickets, reserved a room in a hotel 2 blocks away, and ordered our train tickets. We got up at four in the morning to get to the train station downstate by nine.

The train was an hour late departing, then several times we were delayed on the tracks for unknown reasons, and . . . okay, anyway, we were three hours late getting into Chicago!!! They even passed out bottled water and little packets of food rations - not a good sign.

The museum closes at 5:00, which gave us two hours. Well, better than nothing. It was a fabulous show! And we had a lot of fun!!!

As we arrived at the Kalamazoo train station we were just in time to witness an arrest that could have won the Funniest Home Videos - the police were leading the kid away in handcuffs and his pants fell down!!! These kids with the big baggy low-riding pants had better rethink their get-away strategies.

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