Playing in the snow

Grandpa, the cardboard tent/fort builder, with a couple of granddaughters.
I guess this is about it for Christmas Vacation. It's back to real life tomorrow.
It was a nice, snowy holiday here - perfect for building a couple of snow forts, a trip or two to the little sledding hill at the playground, lots of hot chocolate, jigsaw puzzles . . . .

Of course we really missed the California kids, but somehow knowing they had a very "Michigan Christmas" in northern California with lots of snow and sledding, made it better.

I don't really make any resolutions, but I could probably do with a few goals. A few good goals never hurt anyone. But then I get carried away making lists, trying to work it all out so I can see it all written out so I don't forget anything (except where I put the list!) and then I have to read everyone's organizing and goal setting blogs to see how the experts do it, then I have to print out the perfect calendar pages and worksheets and . . . Okay, so I think I'll just get in bed with a good book. Today on someone's blog I read that she has set a goal to read seven books a month, which certainly wouldn't be impossible. I'm just going to go to bed.

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