China Cabinet Sketch

This is a quick contour drawing of our china cabinet with a little bit of color added using Pitt Brush Pens. I think I might try this same subject using colored pencils and then another in watercolor. The plate at the side of the sketchbook is one of the plates in the cabinet on the top shelf. It is part of a set that was broken up and divided among my grandfather's siblings. I always figured they must have been very important to someone if everyone had to have a few pieces. Fortunately, my grandfather ended up with, among other things, the beautiful soup tureen.

I am trying to do a few drawings of interiors and see if they lead to some paintings. I would like to go from interiors this winter to porches in the spring - chairs, tables, windows, doorways. It's nice to have a plan. Even nicer to do it!

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Laura Frankstone said...

Hi Catherine! I've just spent a good, long time reading through your blog. Your work and your stories are charming. I especially like this drawing with its splashes of bright color--it is so fresh and lively. In a different lifetime, I spent summers in northern lower Michigan, on Lake Michigan. It's a beautiful part of the world, but I know the cold and gray of winter start to pall in January! I love your banner, by the way!