Stash Pumpkin Spice Tea

I know this is going to sound like a commercial or an endorsement, but I am absolutely addicted to this stuff. First of all I HAD to buy it because the box is beautiful (yes, I judge everything by the way it looks). It did sound a little too - oh - seasonal, and what's the big deal about pumpkin pie spices ( I can do that myself) and how different could it be from chi tea. Just sniffing the bag when I open the packet sends me somewhere - well, I hate to say it, but I think it's Chicago. Anyway, it has an exotic (Chicago???), sharp fragrance that really hits you, and then there are undertones of comforting familiar spices. However, I am a little suspicious of of anything that could possibly come from China. Especially something we ingest. I had a colander in my shopping cart and put it back on the shelf when I saw the "made in China" label - that was going to touch our food!

Speaking of fragrance, I just bought the most horrible wine in the world. La Francesca. I won't even admit how cheap it was, but it was in the bargain bin and I have found some decent wine there. Actually I wasn't sure I knew good wine from bad, but now I do. It smells just like the feed store. I AM NOT KIDDING. Just a warning.

And, Ginny, thanks for your comment on my last post. Al was my father's "cousin-in-law", and he and my dad were in a boating accident. My dad survived, but Al didn't, and his body wasn't found for several months. Having grown up with the story of this tragedy, I really do think he deserved top billing, ahead of the roaster!!!


Anonymous said...

Now I'm being forced to find that tea here (down State). It's probably available at Trader Joe's.
Sounds warming and yummy--maybe I'll even try to sketch the box!
:-) Marj. M.

Carol said...

I have already started the hunt, three stores this afternoon, nothing...Now it has become an obsession, I thank you for that Catherine 8~))I love pumpkin everything. I am doing the same thing with objects and food from China. It does cause one to think...

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's only had "Lemon-Ginger" and the box wasn't as pretty as the Pumpkin Spice...so much for sketching the box. I'll try the paint tube. Have a great time squeezing in all the event of Christmas--Enjoy! Marj. :-)