Table in the Garden

I finished this monotype today, using 140 lb hot press paper. It didn't scan well, and then when I mess around with it trying to soften the texture, it gets a little blurry. It is not a perfect world.

With the wind blowing and the snow flying today, I just really felt Christmas-y. I pulled out a couple of boxes of decorations, and realized of course, that I really have to pick up the already unnecessary items in each room before I put out the seasonal stuff. That's no fun. It's one of those one-thing-leads-to-another situations. The Thanksgiving dishes are still sitting on the kitchen counter because the old cupboard they go in needs to be repaired before we put dishes and goblets back in it. So of course we have to take everything else out of there and pile it on the table, which means we can't eat there until . . .

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