Steps and Rocks

This is a small demo I did in class today. I was just showing how to keep it simple - rocks, steps and shrubbery.

I like the subject and might try to work it into a composition for a finished painting. That's the key word, "finished".

It is cold here today with a little snow in the air. I don't like it already. I am trying to embrace the change of seasons, and maybe I would do better with it if the season we are getting into just happened to be spring.


Anonymous said...

I got to watch this demonstration. You make it look so easy and we have so much fun watching you and being in your class. I like the idea of daily posts, now I won't miss anythig going on in your life. Karen

Leanna said...

Catherine, I have been enjoying your posts this month and YES! I am glad you are posting daily!!!! I always love your paintings and thoughts. I, too, need to commit to posting EVERYDAY. Keep them coming!