My faux dining room is back to being a classroom/studio, and I am printing cards this afternoon. Everyone will be back tonight for leftovers, but we'll have to make do in the small dining room. Returning the next day for leftovers has been a family tradition for longer than I can remember. I always have to eat again Thanksgiving night before I go to bed too. My husband just doesn't "get it" - all that eating!

Well, "all that eating" is almost over, and I will get down to work. I am getting things ready for the art center, and I have sent out my winter class email, so I will start gearing up for that. Oh - Christmas. I guess I had better get with it.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tradition--to return the next day for left-overs.
Hope your Thanksgiving was just great!
You are right, Now I've got to work on a sketch/watercolor for my Christmas Cards....(everything I learned from you, Catherine).
Marj. M.