Lemons and Cyclamen

Lemons and Cyclamen
This painting is done in watercolor on watercolor canvas. I can't seem to get a good picture of anything I paint on watercolor canvas. Maybe there is too much light reflecting off the canvas.

It's been a pretty quiet day here, but we have kept really busy. It has been one of those days that one thing leads to another. We started out putting up storm windows, and because this is such a quirky house, the storm windows fit inside not outside - isn't that the coolest thing! There are seventeen windows and they are all very large, and all of the windows and storm windows have to be washed of course. Just wrestling them out of their summer hiding places is a challenge and makes a mess, displacing things in the attic, basement, garage . . . If anyone is still reading this, it must be pretty darned boring! Anyway - the house is a mess. As if the storm windows weren't enough, we started trading spaces with the furniture - even bringing in things stored in the garage - as if we have room for this stuff in the house!

We even went out "thrifting" - just to one place, and all I bought were some drawer pulls that look terrible on the chest I bought them for. I'll find something to do with them.

Okay - I think it is time to get comfy and watch a movie. I don't care what it is, I'll probably sleep through it.


Claudia said...

Nice painting, sunny and summer-like!

Catherine said...

Thanks, Claudia. It is cold, dark and windy here - we can use some sunny and summer-like conditions.
I checked out your blog - love your journal entries!