"Few plants are easier to please"

I'm trying something a little different with the small geranium paintings. I have an old garden book that belonged to my great grandmother and I thought it might be interesting to write a quote. It says, "Geranium. Few plants are easier to please and keep happy and cheerful no matter where they may be put." G.A. Stevens

The book is Garden Flowers in Color. The copyright is 1933, and every page is in full color, which must have been really something in 1933.

I puttered around with these most of the day - of course they shouldn't have taken that long, but there is always a little trial and error in everything.

So this is it for the Thanksgiving weekend. Tomorrow it is back to normal. I still have to put away a few dishes, etc. And, oh my gosh, I have to go to the grocery store! Didn't we all just do that!!??

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