Skinny little geraniums waiting to be fed.
The geraniums always get pretty sickly looking when I bring them in for the winter. They lose a lot of their leaves, but keep on blooming. I'll give them a little rest and then feed them, and they'll settle in for the winter and give me some bright blossoms to paint.
This is a watercolor done in a 6 X 9 journal on hot press paper.

We had some sunshine today. I got a couple of errands done, and we built some shelves in the kitchen. Now I have to sand, prime, and paint them. My husband is the shelf king of the world. I can say "I'd like some shelves here" and he'll go out to the garage, dig around in his stash of wood and come back with material to build shelves. What a guy! He is great at "re-purposing" things. When our kids were little they called him MacGyver.

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