For some reason I signed up for National Blog Posting Month. Why did I do that? Actually I'm not REALLY sure I did. I think there was one more step to be officially "in". But I was getting a little panicky about the time I had already spent on the computer. Yeah, I know - so why did I sign up to blog every day for the month of November?! Does this mean I have to post a sketch or painting everyday also??? Well, of course it can mean anything I want it to. I often wish I could be one of those blog-everyday-type-bloggers, so I thought I would see if I could do it for a month. I think the object of the thing is to get your blog registered so more people can find it. I don't think I did that.

Okay, so here are a couple of sketches. Why did I put two on here - I may need all the sketches I can find.

These are done in prismacolor pencils and ink on Bogus Rough sketch paper. This paper doesn't scan well, and playing around with the brightness etc. I have ended up with some colors that aren't really there . Oh well. You get the idea.

Oh my gosh - I have to do this everyday for a month?!


Kristen said...

You can do it, Catherine!

What a fun challenge! I am excited to check in all month long!!!

Kristen (Kubovchick) Guthrie

Catherine said...

Thanks, Kristen. It IS a fun challenge!