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and yes, this is the same subject as November 6th. I went back to the Middle School this morning and demonstrated for four more 6th grade classes. So all in all, I painted this subject eight times. You would have thought by the last one, it would have been a masterpiece, but that just didn't happen. The kids are only in the class for 50 minutes, so by the time I paint and then they paint - the time goes pretty quickly.

The kids - all eight classes of them - were great! They acted great, their sketchbook paintings were great. I had fun!

I am used to working alone, and the kids coming and going in fast succession seemed really chaotic, even as well behaved as they were. I came home and took a little nap. You know, I don't think my husband reads my blog too often, so I can say that it was really more than a little nap. I don't want him to think I'm a slacker while he is slaving away at the library.

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Anonymous said...

How long were you asleep?! :) I don't blame you, though. I can imagine that that many middle school kids would be exhausting.