Are these the most gorgeous pansies
you've ever seen in your life!?
Well, maybe not to some of you. I noticed that my friend, Karen, didn't buy any of these, so maybe it is just me. This morning I am still moving them around the house, looking at them in different light, although I know they would rather be outside.

I don't have good luck with pansies after the nice summer weather hits, but since they are the first things in the greenhouses and we are all dying for color, who can resist.

We hit some second hand shops and greenhouses yesterday - in a cold rain, but we had fun!!! It was kind of a preview because most things weren't even blossoming yet. Kind of a private preview at that - no one else was out. We had big plans for lunch, but never got there. That's another story. Let's just say we got to ride home in a great big tow truck - Karen's first time!

At one place we went, there were some absolutely beautiful pots - nice simple shapes and in colorful glazes. They came in orange, yellow, lime green . . . They were putting African violets in them. I went to bed with those colors on my mind, and woke up this morning with those colors on my mind. I think I just may have to go back for some. I wonder if the tow truck is running on schedule today.

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