The above is a very simple mono-print with watercolor.

It seems to be the time of year for distractions. Why does this always happen to artists? I don't really know about the rest of the country, but in Northern Michigan, winter can be pretty much our down-time. Classes slow down to a couple a week instead of the summer schedule of a couple a day. Painting on location is limited to visits to warmer climates (not happening), shows and art fairs are non-existent. So there's this little thing in our brains that says, "Don't worry. You have plenty of time. That time-table you worked out to make sure you'd be ready for summer? You don't really have to take that seriously".

I have been working on commissions. So, see, that's pretty constructive. I have been playing around a little with some mono-prints. That is not all that constructive, but it is creative. I'm not sure I can wrap my brain around the process enough to tell you what it is all about - or even if you want to know! It's not that I'm that dumb - I am just very hungry right now. If you really want to know, Belinda Del Pesco is the queen of mono-prints, mono-types, block prints ETC.

And then I came across this little "game" on someone's blog. You google your first name and the word "needs", as in "Catherine needs", then list the first ten that come up. I thought "this is silly!" but of course I had to try it. And of course I had to share it with you in case you are avoiding your to-do list too.
1.Catherine needs a sanctuary, periodic retreat from the world. Yep.
2.Catherine needs another yacht! Catherine needs her rowboat repaired.
Catherine needs a lifestyle that allows her to be spontaneous. Okay, yeah. Someone finally recognizes this!
Catherine needs to get back to Charlie. Charlie. Mmmm. I don't remember any Charlie.
Catherine needs to put her everyday chair in the car when she drives. I certainly don't know what to say here.
Catherine needs a pick-me-up. Sure - after getting that chair in the car. . .
Catherine needs to make sure and explain the death of Michaela's mother. Well, I don't know Michaela, and I didn't know her mother either, but I'll see what I can find out and get back to you.
Catherine needs to grow up and become a woman. No, I don't think so - then I'd have to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Too much pressure.
Catherine needs to develop her dramatic acting skills. Ask my family, I think I've done that.
Catherine needs a good man. Catherine HAS a good man!!!

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Anonymous said...

I just loved this and cannot wait to try it. Your comments are priceless!