Now I'm sure it's a gourd.
Not that it really matters, but. . .

Awhile back I posted this
Today on the same vine, I found this little guy. He's a gourd for sure. I don't know why it is so different - short and mostly green instead of long and yellow. I wish we had a long enough season to grow some more - who knows what we might get!

I have three beautiful pears sitting on my work table. Pears and gourds seem to be very attractive this time of year. I think it's because we aren't ready to give up on the "real" things we've been able to paint all summer and start working from sketches or still lifes now. I do have several things I am anxious to get going, and I have some commissions I really need to do. So do 'em already.

This is colored pencil on Bogus Rough sketch paper.

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