I hope there are no art critics or "gallery scouts" lurking around my blog. Good or bad (yes, I know which) it was a fun little painting to do. I was trying out some Aquarius II watercolor paper and a little ink crosshatching. I am not a good crosshatcher and I have never used this paper before - I don't even know where it came from. I found it in my studio while I was moving things around.

The bowl is pretty crooked and the perspective isn't what I would want my drawing students to do, but if you try to do everything perfectly, you'll never grow as an artist. Playing is learning! Just keep the brushes moving!!!

So, the Aquarius paper. I don't know. In the Cheap Joe's description it says it is a cold press finish, but it feels smoother than that - more like a hot press. It is 80lb, so it doesn't feel real substantial, but because of it's content (cotton and Fiberglas) it doesn't buckle. The colors stay pretty bright. I wonder if it would work as a watercolor sketchbook paper. I don't think I have heard of anyone using it for that. I am going to ask around. I'll get back to you. You may not be interested, but I'll still get back to you.


The mind of Huy said...

Lovely. How long did they take?

Tami said...

I just came across your blog from the comment you left on Elizabeth's blog. Your work is WONDERFUL! I think it is amazing that you teach sketch booking! I am a newbie artist, I started drawing in Feb. of this year. Before that I was sure that I had no artistic talent with pen or paint, (there are moments that I still suspect that is true *grin*). With practice, I keep getting better. I will definitely be bookmarking your site to see what you are working on!

Jana Bouc said...

I'm glad you posted this, even if you don't feel it's your best work--it's the first I've seen of yours (following the link from ArtWorkbooks group) and I really enjoyed the colors and the feeling of light and air in the painting, as well as your writing in recent posts.

Lindsay said...

I love your painting with all of its personality. Even Cezan's stuff wasen't perfect! Sometimes,I look at masters work and the candle stick isen't quite semetrical. Doesen't matter! Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

Don't know if you check your comments, but regardng the Aquarius paper...I do use it for sketchbooking. The surface allows you to layer and blend, which is hard to do in the Aquabee sketchbooks.

Plus, the paper is so thin that you can easily mount the painting on a page in your Aquabee sketchbook.

Anyway, I love your painting on the Aquarius. Just wanted to let you know!

Linda said...

I really like the effect you got on the Aquarius paper - will have to go try some! :-)