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I am watercolor "newbie". I have always loved watercolor paintings and as a long-time Bay Viewite, have enjoyed your work for many years. I finally took the plunge two and a half years ago with a one-time, 3 hour watercolor class. I enlisted a friend to go with me to ease my insecure feelings. I was hooked after that first class. That one class has evolved into a Monday night "paint group" which continues to inspire and pushes me to learn. I bought your book and also gave a copy to our teacher/mentor. Now 4 of the Monday night painters are joining me at my cottage and we are all enrolled in your June Bay View class. We are very excited. I look forward to meeting you and learning from you -- in Bay View where my heart and soul are always inspired. I continue to work toward my goal of capturing the sunsets over LTB in watercolor.

Carrie L

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I have always tried to find a way to express my creativity and happened upon your name (which is also my mother's name except she changed her spelling to Catharine Carey.) Your approach and advise feels so comfortable, thank you. My sister and I camped up in Petosky a few years ago and totally enjoyed the area and people. I've purchased your journal and hope to play with your ideas.
all the best Catharine

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Catherine, As you know, I have a copy of your book--and it's very dog-eared now--because I use it so much. I still try to emulate your painting style. My favorite is the Sketchbook Class--I have used it for every vacation (making Wtrclr memories along the way). Now I've got a "pile" of sketchbooks all full traveling memories. Also use these sketches for NoteCards. Friends love them.
The best to you. Marj. Mayes