Okay - this is what I mean when I say the little paintings I bring home in my sketchbook are much more meaningful to me than any photograph I could take. My friend, Karen, and I took kind of a quick trip up to Mackinac Island yesterday. My first trip up of the season. The day started out with a forecast of fog and possible thunderstorms, but by the time we got off the boat, the sun was shining and it was beautiful all day. I painted this in my Arches Carnet de Voyage, hot press paper 6 X 10. I just used my tiny Altoids paint tin and my water brush. The photograph doesn't turn me on. The painting has everything to do with the way the sunshine felt on my shoulders, the sounds of laughter coming from the Grand Hotel, the smell of the flowers, and the dappled shadows along the path. It was just a beautiful place. We had a great day!

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Lindsay said...

Oh how I love that island. And I'm so glad you posted your sketch. Love the way you captured the light. I too love those books.