More Yupo

Yes, I know - I say how much I dislike Yupo "paper", and here I am posting more little paintings done on it. It's plastic, for heaven's sake - we aren't supposed to like it. How tacky. But is it ever fun to push the paint (watercolor) around on it! It lifts, it pushes, it smears . . .

On the one hand it is too easy, with the way you can just wipe it off and start over. On the other hand, it is really not that easy to work on - subsequent layers lift previous layers, and then what do you have? Well, I don't have much, but I have seen some nice things painted on yupo. Just like everything else, it has a learning curve.

Right now I am working on a commissioned painting and I am laying it out on yupo - trying out colors and shapes and moving them around as I work out the composition. Anything for a little distraction, huh.

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