My first trip of the season to Willsons Greenhouse.
They don't have a lot of color yet, but, boy, did it smell good! Heliotrope, primrose, heat, and dirt. Wonderful!!!

If any of my students are reading this - this is our lesson this week. We'll be painting it with triads. I know at least one of you will hate these colors, and I think it will be fun to see this painted using your favorite triad.

I painted this in my Moleskine using watercolor, a little gouache, and a very little colored pencil.
I sat in the sun on the porch, but the girl at the greenhouse warned me to keep the flowers out of the sun ( I did). In fact when she saw my list of errands, she said, "You'd better take those home before you do those errands. They should not be in the hot car. And when you plant them, be sure they are on the north east side." Hmmmm, so that's what has happened to all my other primrose.

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